Many professionals must obtain a license to practice and perform their work, among other you can see doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, pharmacists, psychologists and others. Also those who wish to engage in one or more projects of various construction fields (construction, building, renovation, road construction, plumbing, electricity, drainage and sewerage, earthworks and development, bridges, ports, underwater work, etc.) on a large scale, in the territory of Israel, is required to be register as a contractor registered in the Register of Contractors.

Whether it is a private individual (authorized dealer) and whether it is a limited company, a public company or a government organization, all of which must be registered contractors in Registrar of Contractors Ministry of Construction and Housing Department. Assuming, needless to say, they are (or have skilled employed by them) meet the requirements and conditions set forth in the registration by law and regulations. Only those who are registered contractors (at the end of a complex legal process and requires a factual examination, professional and legal), may perform work in excess (as of this date) approximately NIS -75,950 all piecework jobs in main category and approximately NIS -39,153 included in one of the sub-sectors (except for jobs that require case regardless of scope of such license).

Except that my name is not registered as a contractor is not allowed to perform work in excess of those mentioned above, is also not permitted to submit candidacy for public tenders are published by government institutions regularly, which of course limits the ability of professional and economic development.

Who deposited the registration of registered contractors wishing main branches and sub-branches is the Registrar of Contractors which belongs to the Ministry of Construction and Housing and is subject to the Minister of Housing and contractors Council which is appointed by the Minister. Those who wish to register as a contractor registered in primary or secondary industries are required to fill out and prove quite a few requirements, mainly limited to the proof of professional training (if any) and professional experience (as gained) and in accordance with the requirements of the law.

While committed to the Registrar of Contractors Professional Committee in consultation during the decision making process, but ultimately the power to quasi-judicial authority which by its nature is a purely legal aspect. The decisions of the Registrar of Contractors can, when circumstances arise that justify, be appealed to the Appeals Committee which is based at the district court.

The firm has specialized for years in the management procedures of registration in the Register of Contractors, increases classifications, contractor, copying and "jumping "of classifications, escort if necessary – to the Advisory Committee and representation in legal proceedings in the matter of contractors, both the appeals committee (headed by Chairman Retired District Court Judge) and administrative appeals, which are served out sentences under the hands of the appeals Committee.

For further information, legal representation and consulting mainly in the aspects of registering and classification in the list of National Register of Contractors, you are invited to contact our office and receive advice from the leading Law Office nation cross wide, in this unique field.